The 101st Airborne museum in Bastogne is located in the former officers mess building of the Belgian Army, built in 1936.
This prestigious building was used by the German army as "Unteroffiziersheim" during the occupation of Bastogne in WWII.
After the war it was used as a hospital by the Red Cross. This unique building with its rich history is the perfect place to gather and display the military history of the 101st Airborne Division and units involved in the Battle of Bastogne in December 1944 - January 1945.

The building is restored in its former glory without losing its character.
An exclusive collection of items from the Battle of the Bulge and window displays with amazing lifelike scenes
and mannequins will take you back in the dramatic periode of the Battle.

This museum is definitely worth a visit!


Museum 101ste Airborne Le Mess
Avenue de la Gare 11
6600 Bastogne - Belgium


Projects 2014

We finished the basement, and you can now see, hear and feel a bombing experience in a hiding shelter.

The number of window displays are expanded downstairs in the basement of the museum, we only tell that you

will be impressed. And parents must look downstairs before they send in there children.
The last chamber is just finished with a man to man battle and several havy injured men.

We have made a temporary exhibition in the vitrines with the Class A uniforms, with personal items from General Patton,

collected by his granddaughter ; Helen Patton.

Do you want to go to visit the Battleground of Bastogne? Yes, It is possible!
The museum offers the possibility to take a battlefield tour that brings you to memorable places and
actual scenes where the battle took place. Please click on "Battlefield Tour" in the top menu for more information.


News and events


On the 28th of May, the 101st Airborne Museum has been honored by the visit of General Philip M.Breedlove,

Learn more >


Mónica - 2017-05-10 02:36:09
Gracias por hacerlo tan real. Un trabajo excelente. Excelente trabajo con los veteranos. Lo mejor es La Paz. Estos museos ayudan a comprender a construirla. ¡Gracias!

Robert Grant - 2017-02-14 20:32:02
This is a great place to learn. Thank you!

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