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13-01-2019 16:53:30
James Hilyard wrote:
Had the pleasure of visiting your Museum in September 2016. Great Museum. It has lots of diramas to help illustrate the battle/seige that occured here.

15-09-2018 15:24:50
Smithb962 wrote:
Hey esto es un gran poste. Puedo utilizar una porcin en ella en mi sitio? Por supuesto ligara a su sitio as que la gente podra leer el artculo completo si ella quiso a. Agradece cualquier manera. aeekeekdedgkfead

29-01-2018 20:21:34
From the Delta Dogs of D Company 5 Rifles wrote:
Thank you to our Allied Brother in Arms who paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our future freedom. This will never be forgotten.
The staff of the Museum are also to be thanked for this tasteful and informative tribute to the actions of the Screaming Eagles

28-07-2017 17:09:31
Silvia wrote:
Wonderful museum in a beautiful setting. The dioramas and exhibits are very instructive, and moving; they give one a real feel of what the war must have been like. My son and I will never forget the experience of the shelter -- I had heard my mother talk about it, but now I know. Thank you.

22-07-2017 07:42:18
Rui Duarte wrote:
Amazing museum with an impressive collection of objects and almost life like mannequins in displays that take a grip of you and take you back to 1944/45. I was bloem away with the exhibit in de basement. The shocking reality of war. Everybody should pay it a visit

10-05-2017 02:36:09
Mónica wrote:
Gracias por hacerlo tan real. Un trabajo excelente.
Excelente trabajo con los veteranos.
Lo mejor es La Paz. Estos museos ayudan a comprender a construirla.

14-02-2017 20:32:02
Robert Grant wrote:
This is a great place to learn. Thank you!

23-12-2016 23:03:33
lucien klop wrote:
ben geweest 10 december was erg onder de indruk een erg mooi museum wat de werkelijkheid erg naboots zeker de panic room het museuem een echte aanrader voor een ieder die wil weten wat er afspeelde tijdens de slag van bastogne chapoo voor de oprichters

05-12-2016 18:53:17
Kasia Foltyn Romero wrote:
Museums should not just inform. They should also elevate humanity: This one does just that!

I have just emerged from a visit to The 101st Airborne Museum at “Le Mess” And what an experience it was!!!

This privately owned museum is in a majestic original building that originally served as officers’ club and now presents the visitor with a great impression of the famous Battle of the Bulge.

You start by taking your time and concentrating on what the true experience meant for soldiers and locals alike during this terrible war. The map room offers an orientation and background and then gradually with every new vitrine, you are pulled into the reality of the December 1944 in Bastogne. General Patton’s personal items from his early days are also there reminding us that he too was just a soldier. And as I learned from reading the Patton Principles which are also on display: “the soldier IS the Army.”

On the upper floors there are even more displays with amazing, life size-like mannequins countless authentic artefacts used in scenes that make time stand still.

The final part of the tour is a visit to the building’s basement with a display of unearthed medical items and more dramatic scenes! You'll see doctors desperate to save wounded soldiers. It all so REAL, that some visitors (certainly minors) might be better off skipping this display due to intensity of feelings these graphic images can evoke.

You can enter a bomb shelter when the light turns green huddle in fear hoping you will survive Bastogne’s bombardment. After this experience, one can better comprehend a victims vulnerability and exposure during war. But please know that here also, caution is strongly advised prior to stepping inside. It’s highly authentic, and likely to have an emotional effect.

But please don’t take my word for it. Go and see for yourself! This museum is one-of-a kind accomplishment!

05-12-2016 09:55:58
Kasia wrote:
The museum is filled, from the floors to the ceilings, with ALL AUTHENTIC GI ARTIFACTS, personal items, etc.- all found, bought and/or donated from that region and time in history, and on top of that, the owners are always underlying the fact, that they are ready to return any of these (if donated), for whatever reason, whenever desired: what I call a great, genuine integrity and understanding... On top of it it's like a small version of Madame Tusaud's, including real bomb shelter experience for the curious ones. It's a real jewel among museums commemorating that part of history, that has shaped today's world. By visiting it we learn, remember and honor all the sacrifices, including, but not limited to the ultimate ones, "committed" during this so immensely trying and daring period for humanity. One of the necessary lessons to experience on your own.
Thank you once more for your "listening ear", and you're welcome to share this testimony with as many as possible.
P.S. When fortunate enough, you'll get to be guided by Hans van Kessel- one of the owners, who passionately made it an immense journey, that has left me speechless, tearful, shaken and basically touched to the core...

17-11-2016 02:06:51
James King wrote:
In 1966 I was at Fort Knox, Kentucky and was able to visit the Patton Museum on the Post. It was terrific since they have remodeled it in so many ways I do not recog. the place. I read as many Patton books as I can. I would appreciate any paper form info of your museum that you could to share with my veteran friends. Any phamp is better then none. Thank you for your time and what a place you have to honor the greatest WWII General. Your web page is great and easy to go about. Thanks again. jim king

07-11-2016 11:30:31
Stacey Füssmann and company wrote:
This museum is by far one of a kind. The collection is huge and amazing. I loved seeing all the diorama's and photo's. Many diorama's were extremely realistic and gave you the feeling of seeing the real thing. Also the texts describing the diorama's and photo's are not only interesting but also very educational.
The bomb shelter was a very intense and realistic feature in the museum. Job well done! This is the must see museum in Bastogne.

07-11-2016 11:30:14
Stacey Füssmann and company wrote:
This museum is by far one of a kind. The collection is huge and amazing. I loved seeing all the diorama's and photo's. Many diorama's were extremely realistic and gave you the feeling of seeing the real thing. Also the texts describing the diorama's and photo's are not only interesting but also very educational.
The bomb shelter was a very intense and realistic feature in the museum. Job well done! This is the must see museum in Bastogne.

07-11-2016 10:24:44
hans Fussmann wrote:
Wij zijn 6 november met vrienden en familie op bezoek geweest bij jullie museum en waren zeer verrast door de colectie die met zorg en autentisitijd was samengesteld.
wij waren ook verrast door de schuilkelder die als iemand die nog nooit een gevolg van oorlog heeft meegemaakt zeer indrukwekkend is.en je dan ook laat denken dat dit nooit meer mag gebeuren.
met vriendelijke groet Hans Fussmann

05-09-2016 21:46:44
Dick George wrote:
Since joining the 101st Airborne Division being a Rakkasan in 1958, this division has had a huge impact on my life. To this day, I devote my time supporting veterans of all branches of the service! Visiting your museum in an upcoming visit will be a life's moment for me. I am especially looking forward to meeting Helen Patton who has invited me to see this wonderful monument to all Veterans.
Richard (Dick) George, Director
101st Airborne Division Association
Massachusetts Special Events
33 Purchase St.
Newburyport MA 01950
Cell 781.254.4492

29-08-2016 20:57:46
f.schellevis wrote:
Wij zijn vanuit Nederland speciaal naar het museum 101st Airborne museum gegaan. Erg realistisch ingericht, veel voertuigen en van grote historische waarde voor de regio.
Wij hopen dat de Belgische overheid in ziet welke waarde dit heeft voor de komende generaties en als waarschuwing voor de toekomst. Het lijden van velen (Burgers, Geallieerden en ook Duitsers) mag niet vergeten worden

29-05-2016 14:36:22
Jeffrey Lewis wrote:
Thank you so very much for keeping the memory of the 101st AB and Bastogne. We should never forget the sacrifice given there for the liberation of the world. May God rest the souls of those who died there.

23-05-2016 06:15:47
Rafael Raul Garcia wrote:
My name is Rafael R. Garcia. I am from Laredo, Texas.
My grandfather, Raul Guerra was a member of the 101st in Bastonge I will be visiting Normandy,Belgium , and Germany the week of the anniversary of the invasion. My grandfather and I were very close and I promised him that I would one day visit Bastonge. This trip is in honor and in memory of him. I really look coward to this. It is a life long dream.

21-05-2016 21:33:33
Rolph wrote:
A very good and impressive museum. Many interesting exhibits and nicly laid out. If you can not visit all the museums in the region: this one should be included.

25-04-2016 17:49:28
Peter Johnson wrote:
My dad, William Johnson was in the 101st at Bastogne. We have very little information, other than that he was the CO of the SIgnal Corps at the time. He was later the President of the NY Chapter of the Screaming Eagles for a few years in the 1950's. If anyone has any additional info, we'd love to have it!

25-03-2016 22:10:33
Criel laura wrote:
Heel interessant museum.. je kan er zien beleven wat er in het verleden tijdens de oorlog is gebeurd.. De rillingen komen over mijn lijf..

25-03-2016 22:03:56
Laura criel wrote:
Voor mensen met intresse over de oorlog.. is dit een heel mooi museum.. je kunt er echt zien horen en beleven hoe het moet geweest zijn in deze vreselijke tijd.. echt interessant

25-02-2015 17:22:54
Daron Mackey wrote:
I have been a fan of the Airborne for many years and have read over 25 books on them and the rest of the great people who gave so much for your wirld. I hope to visit you area next year and spend a week or so honoring the people who gave so much for the rest of us. Looking forward to seeing you museum!


04-01-2015 13:53:28
Austin Belke wrote:
This was by far one of the best museums that I have ever been to. I made a trip to Belgium and had to make a stop in Bastogne(one of my favorite parts learning about the war) This whole museum has so many artifacts and so much to read. The bomb shelter was really intense and to the teeth realistic.

09-12-2014 18:21:57
Marcella Beaudreau wrote:
Here's to a successful book signing for "No Victory in Valhalla" by Ian Gardner on 13th Dec. 2014!!! One day I shall visit your wonderful museum myself, but until then, keep up the great work you do in keeping the past alive. We must never forget the sacrifices that were made for us.

06-12-2014 22:50:29
Andrew Van Der Plaats wrote:
Glad to see that the sacrifices of those who defended the town against the Germans have a fitting way of being honored and remembered.

17-11-2014 19:49:16
paul cassavechia wrote:
I am researching my 92 yr old Dad's role in WWII. He served in ETO with 1259 Engineer Combat Battalion based at Camp Lucky Strike attached to US Army XVIII Airborne Corps. As the war ended his unit was assigned to Oise Intermediate Section, ETO Hdqts USA. What does Oise Intermediate Section mean? Merci (the 125j9th thanks Patton's 3rd Army for clearing out the Lucky Strike sector and surrounding V-1 Nazi rocket emplacements that rained on London)

15-11-2014 03:56:15
Doug Cacciola wrote:
I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the website and have added the museum to the itinerary for my next trip. My father served in the CBI theater so I heard stories about India and Burma when I was young. In later life I've been drawn to exploring the ETO and the Airborne's role in it. With each story I hear and every new fact uncovered I become more awe struck at the sacrifices the Greatest Generation made. God blessed us with the Airborne! My thoughts and prayers are with all who served. Thank you. "Currahee!"

13-11-2014 14:04:44
Catherine Dubyk wrote:
Loved the Oral History video My Daughter had emailed, from Vince Speranza- a Legend in Bastogne. I look forward to visiting. Thank You for this wonderful tribute to the men of the 101st.

12-11-2014 16:15:44
Scott T Hansson wrote:
My Dad, Robert W. Hansson, served with the 501st during the Bulge. He didn't say much about it; too many painful memories. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who might have know my Dad.

01-11-2014 20:36:44
Susan Hinrichs Turner wrote:
My Dad~Glen Hinrichs served at the Battle of the Bulge in the 101st Ranger unit. He didn't talk much about what happen during the war~he did talk about how cold it was that winter. He said "It was so cold. Colder than cold. Some guys never woke up and lay there with their toes or feet frozen to the ground. Worst of all, most of us didn't have winter gear so that made it harder to fight, but you did. You just kept fighting because there was nothing else to do to keep from freezing to death."
I'm afraid I will never get to visit the museum but I'm thankful you have shared this online so I know all of those men are forever recognized for the "hell" they went through for all of us in America! If anyone knew my Dad I'd love for you to contact me.
So proud to be the daughter of a Ranger!! Go Airborne!

15-10-2014 21:44:38
Menelaos Skourtopoulos wrote:
a great tribute to the men of the 101st. A MUST see....

30-09-2014 23:32:30
sandra k. willey cales wrote:
My Father Sgt. Leroy Willey lost his life in the Battle of the Bulge when I was 9 mos. old. I am happy that he is remembered.

22-09-2014 13:41:22
Verswyvel Benny wrote:
Prachtig museum en kreeg een kippevel moment in de schuilkelder...!!

13-09-2014 13:31:51
Peter Kessler wrote:

My trip to Bastogne was highlighted by my visits to the 101st Airborne Museum. Nowhere have I found a more comprehensive display of wartime artifacts! They are beautifully and thoughtfully displayed.

The Bomb Shelter is, simply, not to be missed. It faithfully recreates the terror felt by the citizens of Bastogne (and every city, town, and village) during a bombing attack.

It was a particular privilege to meet Ms. Helen Patton. I enjoyed our discussion very much. I know I will enjoy reading the book she autographed, and look forward to reading "Portraits of Service."

Thank you, one and all, for your diligence and hard work in keeping alive the memories of our Grandfathers when they were so young.

They saved the world for their children and grandchildren, and countless millions of children and grandchildren all over the world.

God Bless Them

19-08-2014 23:10:25
The secret is out! This museum is the HEARTBEAT of Bastogne where soldiers and veterans of former and current service can feel welcome amid authentic artefacts and gripping dioramas that even surpass Madam Tussaud's! The bomb shelter experience is nothing Disney but rather uses true recordings from the Bulge offering the closest you can come to overcoming the cites' bombardment. The faithfully restored mansion (1936) still emanates "Officers Club!" Come and see and just BE!!! I know my grandfather GS PATTON Jr. would be at home here. In fact I am quite sure he must have also inspected the place at some point! You bet I'll sign books anytime at the 101! Always meet the most interesting folks as well!

19-08-2014 17:37:31
George Simko wrote:
Greetings from Texas. Great site you have here.
Hope to visit the museum one day with my friend Marcel and meet Franck.


19-08-2014 15:01:41
MAJ Greg Roman wrote:
Wonderful Museum. By sheer luck I was able to meet Helen Patton and receive a signed copy of the Portraits of Service book. I served as a young infantryman in the 101st Airborne/Air Assault from AUG '85 to FEB '87. The "Alway's First Brigade" of the "Bastogne Bulldogs". What a dream come true to visit the 101st Museum in Bastogne, Belgium!

16-08-2014 17:17:02
hans beerens wrote:
zijn afgelopen donderdag langsgeweest is echt heel erg indrukwekkend het ziet er soms uit alsof er echte mensen staan zeer goed gedaan komen nog een keer

10-08-2014 19:20:24
08/10/2014 wrote:
My father-in-law was in the 101st Airborne Ranger Outfit. He was 18 years old. He received a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. He is still living and very healthy at 88!

04-08-2014 21:56:34
James Adams wrote:
My father was in the 101st Airborne and fought in Bastogne and was wounded but stayed on the front lines until relieved. I want to come a see this site and hope to plan a trip next year.

14-07-2014 12:38:21
Luc Van de Velde wrote:
O.d.v. 13 juli 2014 bezocht ik uw museum.
Het is buitengewoon prachtig...
Het diorama van de medic's in de kelder laat me niet meer los...zij zijn de "Angels of Mercy".
Ik kom zeker terug.
Luc Van de Velde, Medic

26-06-2014 12:03:38
Sietze wrote:
Afgelopen zaterdag het museum bezocht en het is voortreffelijk gedaan. Poppen waarvan je denkt dat ze elk moment kunnen gaan bewegen zo levensecht. In de schuilkelder zitten waar zoveel jaar geleden ook echt geschuild is voor de bommen. Indrukwekkend! Must see!

07-06-2014 10:24:34
Jim McFarland wrote:
This site has left me in tears. My beloved maternal grandmother (decd. 5/12/2010) lost her older brother in Bastogne on 12/21/1944. He was PFC James A. McMinn of Mississippi, 327th GIR ("Bastogne Bulldogs"), 101st Airborne Div. He is buried in the American Cemetery in Luxembourg. I've never been to Europe but realize now I MUST do so to pay respects to my great-uncle J.A. McMinn (and likewise for another family member lost over there, my paternal grandfathers cousin, who was also my fathers namesake. He stormed the beach at Utah, 4th ID/8th Reg. He died a few days after being wounded on D-day and is buried at Colleville Sur Mer) I'm VERY PROUD of the 101st as I live in west Tennessee so I'm only a 2 hours drive from the 101st HQ at Ft. Campbell in Clarksville, TN. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND DEDICATION WITH THIS MUSEUM!!!

28-04-2014 16:41:47
Art Taylor wrote:
I have recently returned home after a two vacation in Europe. I visited the museum and was truly impressed with the displays, artifacts, the historical references captured and with the staff of the museum. This museum captures and honors the brave men of the 101st and the other participants of the Battle of the Bulge. What a testiment to their service. I was honored to be there and would recommend this museum for anyone visiting Bastogne. Job well done!

06-04-2014 19:05:16
R.E. Wood; MSgt. USAF/ret. wrote:
While stationed at Templehof Airport; with the U.S. Air Force in 1976-1979; we took a trip to Bastogne; and you could feel the spirit of the men who fought and died there; total admiration to those brave warriors.

19-02-2014 21:06:02
Art Taylor wrote:
My wife and I will be in Bastogne in April 2014 and plan to visit the museum. I have nothing but admiration for the soldiers of the 101st and is my way of honoring their service and that of the people of Bastogne.

14-02-2014 19:26:08
Roy McDurham wrote:
I took basic training with the 101st when they were stationed at Camp Breckenridge, KY in 1953. My field first sergeant was Sgt. Buckles who was in the battle at Bastogne. He said that they were known as "The Battered Bastards of Bastogne." My association with the 101st was not as dramatic or famous but I feel honored to have been part for a few weeks in 1953.

05-02-2014 23:53:15
Danial wrote:
My grandfather, Robert H. Christensen, was a member of the 101st and was there that cold week in December of 1944. I had the honor of interviewing him on tape for a senior term paper back in 1980. He always has been my mentor and hero. He's 95 years old and I still call him every year on Veteran's Day and thank him for his service. He thanks me for mine too, even though I was peace-time deployed and never saw the kind of service he did. He's a great man and I am glad to introduce you to him here.

19-01-2014 17:13:38
William P. Urban SGT US ARMY wrote:
In memory of a good friend, Sgt Bob McQueen, who had me as a guest, in his home in Houston, Texas, when I was stationed in nearby Fort Sam Houston. Bob was an NCO in the 101st Airborne and was at Bastogne during the entire battle. He passed away some years ago. I wish he could have been present in Belgium, during the 60th anniversery of the Battle of the Bulge, in 2004. He deserved a "Welcome Back", as did all the Veterans of both Bastogne and the "Bulge".

15-01-2014 18:39:20
Patrick Brion wrote:
Of all the musea I visited of the many years, this museum stands out. Why? Because of it's motivated staff; because of it's ongoing effort to make it better and because they have taken up the challenge to put a heck of a museum on the map. Team : thumbs up!

17-12-2013 10:41:07
patrick keustermans wrote:
ik bezocht al talloze musea in binnen- en buitenland. Dit museum staat absoluut in mijn top 5! en op de foto met Vince Speranza was een geweldige eer!

15-12-2013 21:55:48
Hans De Bree wrote:
Gewoonweg prachtig! De locatie, de scènes, de poppen en hun gelaatsuitdrukkingen, de verzameling in zijn geheel, de ervaring in de kelder... een must

07-12-2013 14:19:27
Rien Kouters wrote:
Een paar maanden terug heb ik met twee vrienden uw museum bezocht, gewéldig! Met name de schuilkelder hebben wij ervaren als onvergetelijk. Alsof we zelf middenin een oorlog belandt waren! De blaffende honden, het luchtafweergeschut, de naderende bommenwerpers. Ongelooflijk wat de mensen toen allemaal meegemaakt moeten hebben. Dit hadden wij nog nergens anders zo ervaren. We praten er nu nog over.

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James Hilyard - 2019-01-13 16:53:30
Had the pleasure of visiting your Museum in September 2016. Great Museum. It has lots of diramas to help illustrate the battle/seige that occured here.

Smithb962 - 2018-09-15 15:24:50
Hey esto es un gran poste. Puedo utilizar una porcin en ella en mi sitio? Por supuesto ligara a su sitio as que la gente podra leer el artculo completo si ella quiso a. Agradece cualquier manera. aeekeekdedgkfead

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