Briefing about the Battle of the Bulge

An inter active briefing (45 minutes) can be given to groups from maximum 40 persons but must be booked three weeks before the visit.


The briefing contents:

  • The general German situation
  • The birth of the plan – The aim of the offensive
  • The German plan « Wacht am Rhein »
  • The preperations
  • The general Allied situation
  • What did the Allies know?
  • December 16, 1944 – The German attack
  • The Battle of Bastogne
  • Conclusions
  • Losses
  • Questions

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James Hilyard - 2019-01-13 16:53:30
Had the pleasure of visiting your Museum in September 2016. Great Museum. It has lots of diramas to help illustrate the battle/seige that occured here.

Smithb962 - 2018-09-15 15:24:50
Hey esto es un gran poste. Puedo utilizar una porcin en ella en mi sitio? Por supuesto ligara a su sitio as que la gente podra leer el artculo completo si ella quiso a. Agradece cualquier manera. aeekeekdedgkfead

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