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On the 28th of May, the 101st Airborne Museum has been honored by the visit of General Philip M.Breedlove,

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From the Delta Dogs of D Company 5 Rifles - 2018-01-29 20:21:34
Thank you to our Allied Brother in Arms who paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our future freedom. This will never be forgotten. The staff of the Museum are also to be thanked for this tasteful and informative tribute to the actions of the Screaming Eagles

Silvia - 2017-07-28 17:09:31
Wonderful museum in a beautiful setting. The dioramas and exhibits are very instructive, and moving; they give one a real feel of what the war must have been like. My son and I will never forget the experience of the shelter -- I had heard my mother talk about it, but now I know. Thank you.

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